Final Fantasy 8

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Final Fantasy 8
Title: Final Fantasy 8
Genre: RPG
Year: 1999
Language: Russian
Developer: SquareSoft
Publisher: Eidos Interactive
File Size: 1.78 Gb

The plot of the new game has little to do with the seventh part. Preserved only basis - the game world. That is the planet on which co-exist successfully diversified magic and a decent technical progress. The planet, where instead of riding horses, and other cloven-hoofed animals, people use the huge yellow bird, apparently resembling mutated in the size of chickens. The planet, where the once petty zavarushku clashed forces of Good and Evil.

The world is the same, though many centuries later, but this time the main character is a positive local student-commando, and the dark side are obviously insidious and seemingly perfect witch, coupled with the equally successful in teaching a student, classmate of the protagonist.
Key tags: Turn based
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