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Children's game that will appeal to all adults. The aim of the game is not to miss in the city of terrible monsters, each monster will take one last baby (and a few boss), in order to avoid this you must build towers along the roads that will shoot the monsters. The game has a different tower: Universal - hit land and air monsters, it has a large radius of destruction for a weak firepower, ground - a powerful weapon against ground-based monsters but it generally can not shoot at the enemy's air forces and also the radius of the lesion is very small; air - shoots only by air and also a small radius of destruction; Freezing - this tower can slow or stop the monster in order to take this time to shoot the other monsters of the tower. Each tower can be improved and there will be very much more powerful in the game there are special bonuses. Only in the game thirteen episodes.
Key tags: Arcade Tower Defence
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