Sherlock Holmes: The Mystery of the Silver Earring

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Sherlock Holmes: The Mystery of the Silver Earring
Title: Sherlock Holmes: The Mystery of the Silver Earring
Release date: 2007
Genre: Quest
Language: Russian

"Sherlock Holmes: The Mystery of Silver Earring" - The quest of the great detective of all time. It all begins with a mysterious murder. Lavinia gave a dinner for his daughter, sir Bromsbi do not even have thought that this would be the last meal of his life. Lavinia was the middle of the building he had prepared a speech. The only question this because someone did not hear. He went out to the guests and then a shot was heard, after which he fell and his clothes in the heart leaking blood.

In order to uncover the murder to use the deductive method and logical thinking. During the course of the game you'll be outputting not only examine all witnesses, you will move across London - only forty seats that have been recreated as accurately as possible. If you discover a crime you prove that you have all the great detective.

- Voiced by Sherlock Holmes - Actor Vasily Livanov.
- More than forty places in London that have been recreated to the smallest detail.
- More than three hours of conversation, and over forty witnesses.
- At the end of each level Sherlock Holmes will be asking the most tricky questions.
- Twenty-videos.
- In game music is orchestral, original (Nicolo Paganini and Felix Mendelssohn).

System requirements:
DVD-Player + remote control or PC DVD-ROM and software for viewing DVD-Video (for example, WinDVD)
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