Dungeon Siege : Legends of Aranna

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Dungeon Siege : Legends of Aranna
Year of Manufacture: November 12, 2003
Genre: RPG (Rogue / Action) / from a third party
Developer: Mad Doc Software and Gas Powered Games
Publisher: Microsoft / New Disc
Publication Type: RePack
Language: Russian (from Mikle009 (MikleWorks))
Language: Russian
Size: 1,32 GB

Look forward to new adventures in the world of Dungeon Siege! In the legends of the ancient Aran mentioned Utreyskoe kingdom, which has turned into a rhizome of the greatest jungle. The soldiers of civilization, the secrets of which are now kept wild animals. What happened? Why was the collapse of the steadfast stronghold that once captured in the cell horror of those times? You are in the role of the hero, in whose hands accidentally hit clue. In order to save the world Eb, you must solve the ciphers Utreyi their return and to cast down evil.

Description Mod: (All mods in Russian)

Translated from the Mikle009 (MikleWorks).
translated eighteen additional maps (modified and translated).

To go to a few additional maps (eg - Return to Arhok, Ice Wind, Reign Of Chaos, Diablo Nostalgy) better to restart the game in order to avoid the departure (usually at a rapid transition back card does not have time to unload).

Fashion on Mikle009 (MikleWorks):

zRESOLUTION_ALL_mw - Support for all screen resolutions.
zInterface_3-SP + mwLOA - interface change the game.
zMP_Start_Positions_mw - in the multiplayer main game added a lot of starting places.
zAranna_Start_Locations_mw - in multiplayer addon adds many starting places.
zDragoninventory_mw - increasing inventory.
zHEROES_Equipable_mw - adds the playable characters in the game (fully ekipiruemyh).
zHEROES_NoEquipableMP_mw - adds the playable characters in the game (partially ekipiruemyh).
zRun_Speed_packmule_LOA_mw - increase in the rate of pack animals.
zScreen_WorldMaps_DS1_mw - adds the ability to view the general map in DS, as in DSLOA.
zSeefar_LOA_mw - increases the range of the review.
zWeapons_ & _Items_mw - a large pack of mods for weapons and stuff.
zShops_LOA_mw - changing shops (you can buy rings, amulets, the backpack of the LOA in almost all stores, etc.)
zwpn_Crossbow_FIX_mw - replacement of crossbows on the model of the DS2.

Other modes:

zRENAME + DATABAR_mw - allows you to rename the hero and does a strip of transparent DATABAR (modified and translated).
zHERO_ELF_LIGHT_mw - adds to the elf outfit (modified and translated).
zSPELLS_mw - added spell (modified and translated).
zlot_Office_mw - little things add original style to the office (modified and translated).
zlot_NINJA_mw - adds a ninja weapons and equipment (modified and translated).
zlot_Samurai_mw - adds weapons and equipment of the Samurai (g.Kristvind - talk to the dwarf captain of the guard), (modified and translated).
zlot_Clonetrooper & Lightsaber_mw - adds weapons and equipment from the Star Wars (modified and translated).

Features Repack'a:
- Everything is in place
- Installation of additional software;
- Setting for 10 minutes;
- Added fix permissions from Mikle009 (MikleWorks)

System requirements:
Operating system: Windows XP
Processor: Pentium III or AMD Athlon 700 MHz
RAM: 256 MB
Video Card: DirectX 9.0

Key tags: 3rd Person
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