Nosferatu: The Wrath of Malachi (RePack)

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Nosferatu: The Wrath of Malachi (RePack)
Genre: Action (Shooter) / First Person
Language: Russian
Year: 2003
Developer: Idol FX AB and PAN Vision
Publisher: Idol FX AB and PAN Vision
Publication Type: RePack
File Size: 202.92 MB

Vampires - this is one of the worst games, if you are under 18 years of age or have mental problems, while not in any case, do not download the game "Vampire: bloody and shocking story!" In the classics of the genre you're a fighter vampire, your goal is to rescue a family of aristocrats from these horrible creatures. In addition you will meet vampires, werewolves, the undead, mummies, and all the other hell.

- In this game, collected all the worst thing that could be taken from the horror genre.
- Seventeen people are waiting for when they were rescued - a priest, one of the detectives from Scotland Yard, ruined banker, journalist, family physician and other characters are waiting for your help.
- Only in the game ten kinds of various things.
- The game takes place in a Gothic castle, a castle in the hundreds of rooms, halls, passages, lots of secret passages.
- Weapons in the game eight species, to kill any monster there is his weapon - a sword, a holy crucifix, a revolver with bullets made of silver, the number of aspen and other weapons.
- The plot quite unlike other similar games, from the very beginning of the game completely lock is available and once you decide where to go and what to do.

System requirements:
Operating system: Windows XP
Processor: Pentium 3 - 733 MHz
RAM: 128MB
Free hard disk space: 750 Mb
Video Card: 32MB, DirectX 9.0
Key tags: Vampires 1st Person
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