Syberia 1-2

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Syberia 1-2
Title: Siberia 1.2
Original title: Syberia 1,2
Year: 2002-2004
Genres: Quest, Adventure, from a third party
Language: Russian
Language: Russian
Publication Type: License
File format: *. Mdf
Size: 2.37 GB

Siberia - You take on the role of Kate Walker on her way to be a lot of adventure - it is the employee of the U.S. firm of lawyers. In order to receive answers to their questions, it will overcome the Western Europe, it does not scare Russian reality, she even gets on a mysterious island, where they lost to the basin of the icebergs of the Arctic Ocean, on the island so long-lived mammoths...

Siberia - 2 - Many people consider the best of the series and the best of the genre. In this game you will find a continuation of the adventures of Kate Walker. These two games were a lot of different awards and prizes from well-known publications.

- Just an incredible story, you expect the unexpected turns, all sorts of secrets and mysteries
- There are a lot of Thai and secrets that are fit into the storyline.
- Art at a fairly high level, even for that time.
- Every character has its own unique character.

System requirements:
Operating system: Windows XP
Processor: 500 MHz
RAM: 128MB
Video: 32M Video 3D, DirectX 9.0
Syberia 1

Syberia 2
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