Petka 3 / Petka 3: The Return of the Alaska

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Petka 3 / Petka 3: The Return of the Alaska
Title: Petka 3: The Return of the Alaska
Developer: Saturn +
Genre: Quest, Action
Language: Russian
Size: 423.38 MB.

This is a continuation of the famous series of games about Petkau and Vasily Ivanovich. In this game, they are closely acquainted with the criminals on the streets of Las Vegas, written in a special group of "Commando" will perform several tasks of the Government of the United States, see each other again with Saddam Hussein, and even they will need to hit the road to Alaska.

From the inept hands of a time machine created a threat to the world. Petka and HIV should now prevent a disaster threatening the entire planet. Help them to be old friends - Anya (now FBI agent), Furmanov (Mormon preacher) and Pasechnik, artist. Now the game has a new engine on which the game became much more colorful and with much better graphics.

System requirements:
Operating system: Windows XP
Processor: 200 MHz
Free hard disk space: 500 MB
Video: 4 MB, DirectX 8.0

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