Petya 1 / Petka and VICH Save the Galaxy

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Petya 1 / Petka and VICH Save the Galaxy
Title: Petka and VICH Save the Galaxy
Genre: Adventure
Language: Russian
Size: 274 MB

Many thousands of years ago, was flying near the ground a spaceship the size of a secondary planet, for some reason a spaceship crashed almost all aliens are dead. In survived only those who were in suspended animation chambers. Due to the fact that all the dead had no one to wake them up. That's only in 1917 did a drunken sailor accurate shot from the cruiser Aurora, which marked the beginning of the revolution, falls, not in the Winter, and straight into the moon, from which the mechanism involved and the aliens are awake. When they assessed the situation, they realized that there is only one way to stay alive is to take over Earth. They were prepared to attack.

They started looking for a strategically important places on the planet through his telescope and accidentally stumbled upon a tiny village Gadyukino, on which the index was scratched with a nail: Gadyukino - the navel of the earth.

Needless to aliens decide to take this very very important area of ??land.

At this time in Russia there is a civil war. As time passes through the village Gadyukino front. Ural divides the village into two parts: one part of the glorious Red Army (led by the Division Chapaeva), the other White Guard generals and their troops.

In Chapaeva their problems, someone in broad daylight with the staff stole the flag of the regiment, from which all came in the gloom, of this and the next day everyone had a headache since.

Very weary and wicked hangover, Petka and Vasily Ivanovich, decide to enter the territory of the White, to find the flag and bring it back into place. And even if you're lucky and get revenge Whites, Makhnovists, Petliurists, anarchists, generally face to fill the enemies of the revolution!

System requirements:
Operating system: Windows XP
Processor: 133 MHz
Video: Should be

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