Starcraft 1 + Starcraft Broodwar

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Starcraft 1 + Starcraft Broodwar
Game Name: Starcraft + Starcraft Broodwar 1
Release date: 1998
Version: 1.16.1
Developer: Blizzard
Genre: Strategy (Real-time) / Isometric
Language: English only

I think this game needs no description, but still a little bit about it kazhu races.
In this game the most important thing is balance, everything is left to chance, there is no one ideal unit, each unit has its strengths and weaknesses for each unit is "anti-unit" that can cope with it.
The game has three races Earthlings, Protos, Zerg. Now a little about each of the races: Terrans - they have a lot of different units of technology is a diversified technology, Zerg - They even living buildings, units are hatched from eggs Zerg often take many, Protos - is extraterrestrial race, they are very strong, each of their units and buildings have an energy field that prevents damage to the object itself.

System requirements:
Operating system: Windows XP
Processor: Pentium 100 Mhz
Free hard disk space: 150MB
Video Card: 16MB GeForce256, DirectX 9.0

Key tags: Real time
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