Silverfall + Silverfall: Earth Magic

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Silverfall + Silverfall: Earth Magic
Game Title: Silverfall + Silverfall: Earth Magic
Release date: 2007-2008
Genre: RPG (Rogue / Action) / from a third party
Language: Russian (text) / English (voice)
Publication Type: RePack

Silverfall: In the snow-capped mountain peaks, hidden valleys, which stretch for many kilometers. The valleys are distant from each other canyons and gorges, in which a strong stream of water tends to the ocean which is very far away.
There have always lived "next door" people, trolls, elves and goblins.
They always hoped only to wizards who were very strong and wise, they could manage the different elements: water, earth, air and fire. But it all started to go into the past.

Then, after a steam engine was invented, everything changed. Of course not everyone liked the new era with the machines. Many races have refused to use the machines, they returned to harmony with nature and with the ancient magic of the four elements.

And so it began discord between the races which were for science and are recognized only magic. Meanwhile, as were internal disputes in the kingdom, had invaded the black legion, in order to seize the power of four elements. One of the races and decided to take advantage of an alliance with the dark legion, at this time, the other preparing for war.

From the distant peaks begins a journey of the hero who wants to stop the forces of evil and not to give a dark legion forces to get to the four elements.

- You can make a unique character, you can choose to race, hair color of his skin as well as his skills.
- Along with the hero can go from three to eight one myshlenniekov who have their own unique skills and each has its own story.
- How will you apply to your companions depend on you, on how you are going to lead.
- The decisions that you will need to have a lot to change the direction in which the hero will be developed and generally what will happen in the world.
- You have complete freedom of action in an incredibly wide world.
- In a multiplayer game can play up to eight people.
- More than one hundred and sixty most unusual creatures that live in a universe of Silverfall.

Silverfall: Earth Magic: In this game you are waiting for new adventures, all well and remained a conflict between those who are against science and those who are against the Magic. In this game there are two new playable races: Dwarves and Lyudoyaschery.
Over this wonderful world of looming new threat. Suddenly it began to rain from the sky with a stone from which the river became dirty. From these awoke rains ancient and very powerful evil. This means that you must prepare for another war.

- Two new races - Dwarves and Lyudoyaschery
- A new "main" quest and fifty-side, they are distracted throughout the game world.
- Eighteen new creatures and nine bosses.
- More than one hundred fifty skills and magic spells.
- The game appeared forty-two new tools that will help to kill the various monsters.
- You can create a new type of weapon and armor.
- Sixteen new areas: jungle, underwater cave, a city in the clouds ...
- As for the leading part of you yourself select the look of your character.
- You can move your character in the original igry.l
- There is also a multiplayer mode.

System requirements:
Operating system: Windows XP SP2 (pyc) / Windows Seven
Processor: Pentium IV 2.2 GHz
RAM: 1.5 GB
Free space on hard disk:
Video: 128 MB (level GeForce FX 6600 and above, except for embedded graphics), DirectX 9.0

Key tags: 3rd Person
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