Need For Speed Underground 2 New Auto

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Need For Speed Underground 2 New Auto
Title: Need For Speed Underground. 2
Genre: Racing
Creator: EA Black Box
Publisher: EA
Language: Russian (text and voice)
Size: 3.05 Gb

You can safely drive through the city and participate in competitions at the request of the city is quite big but after a while you remember it and know all the loopholes in some way. Soon you will withdraw that goes on around you a lot of street racers, if you want you can arrange a spontaneous event right on the road proud to win in this competition have to break away from the opponent at a distance.

On machines in Need For Speed Underground 2, you can talk and talk. If the first Need For Speed Underground you liked the opportunity to mold the form of his own car, then in this game it's different now functions to change the car was even greater. Number of different parts, and has increased tremendously. If the first part of different bumpers, spoilers, and hoods were somewhere 10-15 species, but now they became many times more. You can even change the rear-view mirrors. What can we say about the vertical lift doors, neon lights can be put in the engine and the trunk is also possible to put a super powerful speakers. In the garage you can now sit for hours, trying to adjust the engine turbo blowing, suspension and much more on the best performance. As before, there is a visual rating for a car that will affect the reputation of racing.

Changes in the game:
1. Changed almost all the cars (detailed list below)
2. Add a lot of vinyl
3. Textures completely reworked the sky
4. The sounds that the engine produces have become a very real

List of replaced cars:
A. BMW M3 from Most Wanted with my vinyl!
Two. Lamborghini Gallardo
Three. Honda S2000
4. Buggati Veyron 16.4
Five. Nissan SkyLine R32
6. Renault Megane
7. Chevrolet Camaro and more!

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