Bitter 17-18 Translation goblin / Gorky 17-18

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Bitter 17-18 Translation goblin / Gorky 17-18
Game Name: Gorky 17-18
Game Release Date: 1999
Game genre: RPG / Isometric
Language: Russian (text and voice)

In 2006, Europe is uniting with the former Soviet Union countries and other countries such as France, Germany, Scandinavia... In order to more effective action of Poland goes to Russia as part of rosiyskoy lands to Poland. On the part of Poland that had been loyal RVZ11 zone is located in this area right up to 2098 must act in isolation mode. Experts from different countries feel that the coordinates of the base and the secret lab (with the name of the USSR, Gorky-17 match. Russia is silent on the requests to the fact that the Poles are in the laboratory, but at this time in the media article that appeared in this laboratory conducted genetic studies and attempts to change the human genome.

Even though the ban until 2098, Poland still sends a group of people so that they have investigated this laboratory (Gorky-17). After a while it became clear that something happened to them, they have not returned to Gorky-17. After several months have passed since the disappearance of the expedition sent to search for their special group of NATO but with them also lost connection after four hours and did not recover ... Here is Poland formally asks for help in finding missing persons in Russia. October 18, 2008 Emergency team went to the search. That this detachment will be managed by MES and gay action.

All the same, this is a game Gorky-18 / Gorky-18 because of this a little bit about the difference between Gorky and Gorky-17-18:
"Bitter-18" - is not part of the next game, "Gorky 17", or even add-on. It's the same game, "Gorky 17", but "Goblin translation" in this game all the text written by the legendary Goblin, he has been able to surprise and please the texts of their players. Goblin is tried and now play a very different sense of humor as well as the sea.

It takes place somewhere in heaven is not the North Caucasus, in the secret city of Gorky-18. Something strange is happening in the city, people disappear. To understand how people come out of the GRU.

Scoring the game is very different from the original. If you played in "Gorky-17: At Home Among Strangers," Do not think that this game is better or worse, "Gorky 18" - this game is quite unlike the original, and in it a must-play.

System requirements:
Operating system: Windows XP / Windows Vista / Windows Seven
Processor: Pentium 200 MHz
RAM: 32 MB
Free hard disk space: 1.5 Gb
Video: 8 MB, DirectX 7.0
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