Kopanito All-Stars Soccer

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Kopanito All-Stars Soccer
Game Title: Kopanito All-Stars Soccer
Year of manufacture: 2016
Genre: Arcade, Sports (football)
Developer: Merixgames
Publisher: Merixgames
Publication Type: Piratka
Game version: v1.0.5
Language: Russian, English, and more
Language of voice: No

The game Kopanito All Star Soccer is an arcade football, you will have a fascinating and fun time. The main difference of this game from serious football simulators is that it is very funny, you can chase the ball for fun. In Kopanito All Star Soccer there is no foul, offside, as well as referees, here the main thing is to score the ball into the goal.

In addition, in the Kopanito All Star Soccer on the field only five players, the sixth is the goalkeeper. You can customize the look of your players, as well as how they will play. In addition, in your hands the skills of players, you will be able to give some speed, other strength. Let one precisely passes the passes, and the other accurately beats on goal - all the players are unique and it is worth considering.

The mechanics of the game Kopanito All Star Soccer is quite traditional, but it has chips. For example, when you go on strike on goal, time will be slowed down for a couple of seconds - this will allow you to more accurately aim before the impact. Yes it sounds wild, but believe me, this is a great thing.

Also in the game there is a function that will allow you to play with your friends, you will not just be in different teams, but create one team where all players are real people. For this game you need to connect four controllers, and the fifth player will play on the keyboard.

System requirements:
Operating System: Windows Vista - Windows 10
Processor: 2.0 GHz
Memory: 1 GB
Graphics Card: 256MB, DirectX 9.0
Free space on the hard disk: 500 MB
Key tags: Indie Soccer
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