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Russian name of the game: shuffle!
The original name of the game: Shuffle!
Language: English
Genre: Adult / Erotic Games
Release date: 2009
Developer: Kadokawa Shoten, MangaGamer
Publisher: Kadokawa Shoten, MangaGamer
Type of publication: License
Age Restrictions: 21 +
Size: 1 GB

This game can rightly be called the Japanese dating simulator. In the world of "shuffle!" there was a huge explosion of whom were open gates into another world. Through these gates to the underworld began to come a variety of creatures. At the beginning of the "aliens" are treated with great caution, but then everything changed. The worlds on both sides joined in one, walked slowly exchange the culture of technologies and knowledge of magic. Live the life of Casanova, in this world. You wait for dozens of beautiful girls drawn in anime style.

Operating system: Windows XP / Windows Vista / Windows 7
Processor: Pentium 3 - 1.4 MHz
Memory: 512 Mb
On the hard disk: 1.72 GB
Video Card: 32 MB, DirectX: 9
No need to install the game, but in order to start up the game you want to copy a folder Fail consolas.ttf FontHack a directory on your computer, Windows / Fonts
Shuffle! Shuffle! Shuffle! Shuffle!
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