Diagnosis of Passion

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Diagnosis of Passion
The original name of the game: Diagnosis of Passion
Genre: Erotic Quests
Language: Russian (text and voice)
Release date: 2004
Developer: SGSoft
Publisher: Media 2000
Type of publication: License
Age Restrictions: 21 +
Size: 688.17 Mb

The erotic game in which you are the doctor (gynecologist) who has lost all interest in sex. Patients and nurses at the hospital will try to seduce you, by hook or by crook. I do not think you can resist them. Even when you work at your computer before you will be naked girls dancing striptease. In other words do not fight with the environment and just swim for the course and get enormous pleasure from it. After all, what harm can you do these sexy women.
Diagnosis of Passion Diagnosis of Passion Diagnosis of Passion
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