Punch Club

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Punch Club
Game Name: Punch Club
Year: 2016
Genre: Strategy
Developer: Lazy Bear Games
Publisher: tinyBuild
Publication Type: Pirates
Game version: v1.03
Language: Russian, English and two
Language Voice: No

As a child you witness the bloody murder, and killed somebody, and not your father. Your brother was taken away from you. Dying father swore that you will be able to fend for themselves. Well, now you have to practice a lot to keep the promise given to his father. With his fists you need to pave the way to the top of the fighter's career. And itself you need to take revenge on the murderer of your father.

The game Punch Club combines many game genres. We can say that this manager game street fighter in which you decide how you are going to achieve their goal. Along the way through the game you'll ever deeper to reveal the storyline. The story itself is built in the best traditions of the eighties and nineties.

Only from you depends on what school of martial arts you'll apply. Maybe this will be the way of the Tigris or the long way to the knowledge of the Turtle style or you do Stan combine different styles. Everything depends on you. But do not forget that the fighting style is not everything for a fighter, you still need a good shape. So run, do push-ups, boxing and of course eat properly.

From each of your decisions will depend on many things. Rouse you good or bad person? Eat steak or pizza? Rouse hone strikes or go to the club? Rouse fight ninja school crocodiles or star in the film. All that you'll decide. The only thing I recommend that you devote time to your girl.

System requirements:
Operating system: Windows XP
Processor: 1.0 GHz
Memory: 1 GB
Video: Should be
Free hard disk space: 300MB
Key tags: Indie Management
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