Mordheim: City of the Damned (RePack)

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Mordheim: City of the Damned (RePack)
Game Name: Mordheim: City of the Damned
Year: 2015
Genre: RPG Strategy (Turn-based)
Developer: Rogue Factor
Publisher: Focus Home Interactive
Publication Type: RePack
Language: Russian, English
Language Voice: English

The game takes place in the universe of Warhammer, in the deserted imperial city. The game is turn-based, tactical, you will manage a squad and lead it through the bloody battle. The game is also present RPG component and fine-tuning characters. At this time, lies and chaos to survive in the world only the strongest. After the comet with two tails fell to Mordheim this city has become the most severe battlefield. The warring parties are fighting fiercely for control of the main areas where they get fame and fortune by collecting fragments wyrdstone that are very much appreciated. Select one of the legendary teams Mordheim, it may be a cult obsession, Sisters of Sigmar, imperial mercenaries or Skaven. Choosing the main character, you can recruit additional soldiers to his squad, equip them with the best armor and weapons. Distribute received achievement points and more. In your power to turn a small detachment of invincible force, which will be feared and respected even enemies. During the battle, your soldiers can lose limbs, or happen to them something worse. Important remember that the game Mordheim: City of the Damned if the soldier was killed, then it is good. So you should think carefully about tactics, take into account the landscape, otherwise you will just lose your troops. Try to anticipate the action of the enemy and ambush, it will help preserve the health and lives of their soldiers. In the ruins of strong fighters and you can find the legendary artifact, but as you can guess they do not get so easy. The game has both a single company and network mode.

Features RePack'a:
Everything is in place in their encodings
Game version: v1.0.4.1
RePack by R.G. Freedom

System requirements:
Operating System: Windows 7 - Windows 8.1
Processor: 2.5 GHz
Memory: 4GB
Video: 1 GB, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 460 / AMD Radeon HD 5850, DirectX 9.0c
Free space on hard disk: 8 GB
Key tags: Indie Turn based
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