Alien Shooter 1

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Alien Shooter 1
Game Name: Alien Shooter v1.2 RUS + 2 ADDONS
Developer: Sigma Team
Genre: Arcade Shooter, RPG
Language: Russian version
Game Type: Full version (install and play)
Size: 45.64 MB.

Command announces the alarm: alien monsters have captured the secret bunker in the bunker, scientists created a super powerful weapon. You were ordered to get to the bunker and destroy all the aliens. It will be very hard to do, because everywhere is full of monsters that are stronger incredibly dangerous. In order to perform the task you will need a very good weapons and uniforms, it can be found in the recesses of the entire database as well as buy in specialty stores and shops are on every level. You are the chips that help improve the characteristics of different character, also has a special droid that will fly around you and destroy enemy forces in the automatic mode. I think this game is like so many players, the game in 2-D. You can access nine different instruments as well as many first-aid kits and body armor.

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