Nancy Drew: Sea of Darkness

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Nancy Drew: Sea of Darkness
games Title: Nancy Drew: Sea of ??Darkness
Year issue: 2015
Genre: Quest, Adventures
developer: Her Interactive
Publishing: Her Interactive
type editions: Neofytsyaln?y
Language Interface: English
Language voice: English

In dannoy yhre WILL razvorachyvatsya action in Yslandyy. Very znamenyt?y Ship "Heerlijkheid" ste by this dostoprymechatelnostyu fairs. But with propadaet Captain of the ship, and the Ship ste Very spooky place. What sluchylos s Captain? Ego someone pohytyl or Captain Magnus himself on ushel Search sokrovysch? Drew N?nsy not ostanetsya aside and nachnet Sauve investigation.

Systemic Requirements:
Operatsyonnaya system: Windows Vista - Windows 10
Processor: Pentium 4 - 1.5 GHz
OPERATIONAL memory: 512 MB
Vydeokarta: 128MB, DirectX 9
Zh?stkom freely place on disk: 2.2 GB
Key tags: Detectives Adventure
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