Total War: ATTILA (RePack)

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Total War: ATTILA (RePack)
Game Name: Total War: ATTILA
Year: 2015
Genre: Strategy
Developer: The Creative Assembly
Publisher: SEGA
Publication Type: RePack
Language: Russian
Language Voice: Russian

In connection with the famine, wars and epidemics in the steppes east developing new force. There is a new leader, behind him an army of a million riders, his gaze is directed or where ever and in Rome itself. Total War: ATTILA is a new part of a popular series of turn-based strategy. The game "ATTILA" takes you into the 395, this dark time, you will find a real disaster. Whose side will you choose? You might want to destroy all who put you in creating your Eastern kingdom? Or vice versa, you collect all the power that is in the Roman empire, and show everything that Rome would stand forever because of tactics and strategy.

Features RePack'a:
Removed all languages ??except Russian
Encryption is not changed
It should be fixed to work and battle encyclopedia
Game version: v1.2.1 Build 5816.674576
- Viking Forefathers Culture Pack
- Longbeards Culture Pack
- Celts Culture Pack
- Blood and Burning
RePack by Xatab

System requirements:
Operating System: Windows 7 - Windows 8
Processor: Intel Dual Core - 3,0 GHz, AMD Athlon X2 5600+
Video card: GeForce 8800 GT / Radeon HD 2900 XT / DirectX 9.0
Free hard disk space: 20 GB
Key tags: Turn based
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