PayDay 2: Game of the Year Edition (RePack)

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PayDay 2: Game of the Year Edition (RePack)
Game Name: PayDay 2: Game of the Year Edition
Year: 2013
Genre: Action
Publisher: 505 Games
Developer: Overkill Software
Publication Type: RePack
Language: Russian, English
Language Voice: English

Game PayDay 2 is nothing but a continuation of the "PayDay: The Heist", it is the story of four robbers and thieves affairs. In the second part of the game you'll rob the store, of course, the bank - where without it, and you kidnap the child, there will be other jobs but they know themselves... In the game there is a possibility kostyumitizatsii character.
Four robbers back in business. In his case, you can invite four friends, for joint attacks on profitable terms. Send a message to Podyelniki, grab a mask and a weapon and forth to plunder. Walk the path from the simple to the real thieves bank robbers.

Features RePack'a:
Everything is in place in their encodings
Game version: v1.23.3 (Update 51)
- Hotline Miami
- Gage Mod Courier
- Armored Transport
- Gage Sniper Pack
- Gage Assault Pack
- Gage Shotgun Pack
- Gage Weapon Pack # 01
- Gage Weapon Pack # 02
- Gage Historical Pack
- Clover Character Pack
- John Wick Character Pack
- Old Hoxton Character Pack
- The Infamy Update
- The Death Wish Update
- The Diamond Heist
- The Big Bank Heist
- Hoxton Breakout Heist
- The Election Day Heist
- The Charlie Santa Heist
- The Shadow Raid Heist
- The Diamond Store Heist
- The Official Soundtrack
- A Merry Payday Christmas Soundtrack
Author RePack'a: Mizantrop1337

Online Client:
If you connect in the "Online" is displayed for a long time "Waiting for network connection", then install the new updates in Windows Update Center.

"Classic" version:
When you create a server disconnect settings autokick cheaters.
Razblokirovschik items PD2 community does not work on Windows XP.
Activating the Steam-pill (payday2_win32_release.exe): run Steam, copy the link into your browser: steam: // install / 251040 / and cancel the installation.

System requirements:
Operating System: Windows XP - Windows 8
Processor: Intel Pentium 4 - 3 GHz / AMD Athlon 3400+
Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 7800 / ATI Radeon HD 1900, DirectX 9.0
Free hard drive space: 17 GB
Key tags: 1st Person
Author: Admin

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