Highland Warriors

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Highland Warriors
Title: Highland Warriors / Highlanders. The Battle for Scotland
Genres: Strategy (Real-time)
Language: Russian
Year: 2003
Developer: Soft Enterprises
Published by: Data Becker
Publication Type: License
File Format:. Iso
File Size: 478 Mb

Highlanders. The Battle for Scotland - a real-time strategy, which tells of one of the most interesting period in Scotland (IX - XIII century). In 843, King of Scotland was Kenneth Mac Alpin, who was able to unite the Scots and Picts. Four hundred years after the first Edward invaded Scotland, for that would totally subjugate the country. Proud and independent leader of the Scots who was William Wallace frantically begin to fight for the independence of Scotland.


- 3D strategy.
- There are four sides, three Scottish and British clans), each side has its own special skills and characteristics.
- More than thirty missions are different in complexity, they are grouped into four historical campaigns, these enlightened days of the mission when the Scots were fighting for independence.
- The game has eight well-known personalities (William Wallace, Edward I and others);
- A comprehensive model of the economy.
- Seasons are changing.
- The game can be played over a network or via the Internet the number of players no more than eight.
- There is also an editor for the maps.
- Original Motion Picture Soundtrack.

System requirements:
Operating system: Windows XP / Windows Vista
Processor: Pentium 3 - 800MHz
RAM: 256 MB
Free hard disk space: 700 MB
Video card: GeForce 2 MX with 32 MB Video 3D, DirectX 9.0
To play over the Internet: Dial-up Internet connection at a speed of 56 Kbps

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