Thief: Master Thief Edition (RePack)

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Thief: Master Thief Edition (RePack)
Game Name: Thief: Master Thief Edition
Release date: 2014
Genre: Action / First Person, Third-Person
Developer: Eidos-Montreal
Publisher: SQUARE ENIX / Eidos Interactive
Publication Type: RePack
Language: Russian
Language Voice: Russian

For you need something to steal, and if so then you've come to the right address. The city has only one of the good thief, he can perform absolutely any job. He's like no one, even people like Baron Nortkrest Queen beggars, revolutionaries and street abode of hell. His name Garrue he perfectly learned all the tricks of breaking and entering. On the streets of war and plague, but he had no time to worry over small things, but he is busy stealing.
This is a completely new game released by Eidos-Montrea, game revives the best of the series Thief. Try to survive in a city where murders are so commonplace that no one is surprised bloodstains on the streets. Of course you will need to become a true professional thief.

What makes Master Thief Edition?
In this game there is a new job "bank robbery". But neither of any bank, and most secure in the city, you will need to steal from him the family necklace, all city thieves staged a real hunt for this necklace. No one of those who tried to steal it could not get to the bank, and if they made their way killed the guards. Try your hand and try to implement is not possible to steal this necklace.

Features RePack'a:
All on the ground in their encoding
Game Version: v 1.0
Installation takes: ~ 20 minutes
Author RePack'a: = Man =

System requirements:
Operating System: Windows Vista - Windows 8
Processor: Dual Core or Quad Core
Graphics card: AMD Radeon 4800 series / Nvidia GTS 250
Free hard disk space: 25 GB
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