Rise of Venice

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Rise of Venice
Game Name: Rise of Venice
Genre: Strategy / Simulation
Developer: Gaming Minds Studios
Publisher: Kalypso Media Digital
Publication Type: RePack
Language: Russian
Language Voice: Russian

In an era of Objections Venice is at the top of his greatness, it was called the city of intrigue, beauty and moral decline. Venice cultural center of Europe, the so-called civilization of the table, it was a major trading intermediary between the trade parts of the world such as the Mediterranean and Western Europe. Of course in Venice flourished corruption and clan wars.

Here it is here and your story begins. You are young, ambitious, you aim for wealth, power and success. Use the links to your family, you begin to create a trading empire that takes place between a number of major cities: Rome, Alexandria, Genuy, Tripoli, Constantinople, as well as the other most famous cities of the era of Objections. Gradually, you will accumulate your capital and social growth will go top, you'll strengthen their influence, as well as its fleet. You will need to build a new production building to fight with the pirates, as well as political enemies. All this in order to get the title of the Doge of Venice.
Key tags: Real time Management
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