Alien Rage

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Alien Rage
Game Name: Alien Rage
Year: 2013
Genre: Action / First Person
Developer: City Interactive
Publisher: City Interactive
Publication Type: RePack
Language: Russian / English
Language Voice: English

Do you want to present adrenaline? You crave toughest fights? Then do not miss the game "Alien Rage", it will have to make its way through a huge number of enemies than you currently hold a mess, take into account that each of the enemy more than anything else craves your death. You need to pass fourteen heavy levels and meet face to face with the huge bosses believe they will make you be affected for one hundred percent. Enemies will adopt different tactics to stop you, you can expect from them anything, they may resort to maneuver around you and to the rear or surround, but you can generally zavedut ambushed!
The game used the most modern technology, you will find a complete physical model in which many things can be destroyed. Game Alien Rage can be called old-school shooter.

System requirements:
Operating System: - Windows XP - Windows 8
Processor: - Intel Dual Core 2,6 GHz
Memory: - 2GB
Graphics card: - GeForce 8800 GT, DirectX: 9.0c
Key tags: 1st Person
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