Rise of the Triad (RePack)

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Rise of the Triad (RePack)
Game Name: Rise of the Triad
Genre: Action (Shutr) / First Person
Language: English
Year: 2013

This is nothing more than a remake of the game released back in 1994. For the creation of a remake of the studio took Interceptor Entertainment, the game was made on the engine, Unreal Engine 3. The game has five characters each with their own abilities, the game has twenty levels and there is a multiplayer mode. The game is dedicated to the bloody battles with the Nazis.

System requirements:
Operating System: Windows 7 64-bit
Processor: Quad Core - 2.4 GHz
Memory: 4GB
Graphics card: MD Radeon HD 6950 / NVIDIA GTX 560
Key tags: 1st Person
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