The Night of the Rabbit

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The Night of the Rabbit
Game Name: The Night of the Rabbit
Year: 2013
Genre: Adventure
Language: Russian
Publisher: Daedalic Entertainment
Developer: Daedalic Entertainment

The game "The Night of the Rabbit" is a cartoon adventure. Like most games from the publisher Daedalic Entertainment in the game has a philosophical meaning which makes a little think. But still not to say that the game will be understandable only to adults. Children play "The Night of the Rabbit" like it too, but that's not the fact that they are able to understand the ideas that have been incorporated into the game.

The game "The Night of the Rabbit" tells the story of a boy named Jerry, who decided to become a magician. At the moment some coca White Rabbit moves Jerry Mishelese world, this is where the boy can become a real magician. But this world too, need help. In this world, there were some magic tickets, because the inhabitants of this world are willing to literally everything. All the inhabitants of the world have turned to very young magician for help, and now Jerry is to uncover the secret of the magic tickets, and of course you need to know who is behind all this.

System requirements:
Operating System: Windows XP / Windows Vista / Windows 7
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo - 2,4 GHz / AMD Athlon X2 - 2,8 GHz
Video: 512 MB, DirectX 9.0c
Key tags: Puzzle Indie Adventure
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