Red Orchestra 2: Rising Storm

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Red Orchestra 2: Rising Storm
Game Name: Red Orchestra 2: Rising Storm
Year: 2013
Genre: Action / First Person
Developer: Tripwire Interactive, Rising Storm Team
Publisher: Tripwire Interactive
Game Version: 1.0
Language: Russian / English
Language Voice: English

The game Red Orchestra 2: Rising Storm is a continuation of a series of famous tactical action Red Orchestra, as always, you will be on the battlefields of World War II. In this game, the fighting will be held in the Pacific region in the period from 1942 to 1945. You can choose from two sides, the US and Japan. Go step by step through the war, take part in the most famous battles such as the Battle of Guadalcanal, as well as the island of Iwo Jima and Saipan. In the game you are waiting for night raids, storming the coast and pass through the dangerous jungle. It's all waiting for you in the net game which may be involved as much as sixty-four players. Red Orchestra 2: Rising Storm is a multiplayer strategic game in which you can test their strength in the uneven battle when the opponent is stronger than you and you have to act outside the box in order to win the fight, and perhaps war. The main asset of US forces is a powerful gun that causes a huge damage. But the Japanese have a very big shortage of firepower weapons, but they compensate for courage, indomitable fury, and non-standard methods of using that weapon they have. For example, they can fire with mortars, not only in direct-fire but also from the closed position. Grenades they use and to set traps (stretch marks) which is very easy to get there if you do not carefully inspect the area. In addition, almost all Japanese weapon has a bayonet knives, making them very dangerous in melee battles.
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