Hockey Simulator 2012 / NHL 12 SUPER MOD

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Hockey Simulator 2012 / NHL 12 SUPER MOD
Game Title: Hockey - NHL 12 SUPER MOD
Year: 2012
Genre: Simulation Hockey
Developer: Marchenko & Korp
Publisher: Marchenko & Korp
Publication Type: pirates
Language: English
Sound language: Russian, English and three other languages
Size: 4.69 GB

This is the most realistic simulation to date hockey. In this game somewhere one hundred additions, they are changing the graphics in the game, was also changed all the graphics of the game from EA, has been changed to be more precise: Ice Arena, Washers, Players', Inventory, People goalkeeper.
There Loko. New teams (AIK (SWE), Lakers (SWE), Ice Caps (AHL)), they also new graphics. Frankfurt Lions (DEL) remained.

During the season, you can not change the compositions, the compositions of all leagues in 2011/2012. Added all the necessary programs for games and modding.
The likelihood that there will be confusion in Kibera no more than 2%.
Added a convenient and simple launcher.

Run NHL2012.part1.exe, specify the path to install the game. Wait until the installation is complete. The necessary changes to the My Documents and Registry are automatic, you do not need to do anything. On the desktop shortcut games do yourself (if necessary).
File NHL2012.part2.rar not touch!

As for the game:
1. I recommend you uninstall the previous version first.
2. You must have Administrator rights.
3. Do not forget to change the control using the Key Redefiner
4. Who does not like HD Mode delete it. In the game, he turned off the key combination Shift + F12 - try to disable in order to understand the difference.
5. Who does not like English commentators change them by pressing in the launcher Commentary
6. Also, do not forget to set the gameplay (Gameplay Changer). Gameplay is standard on Canadians.

System requirements:
Operating system Windows XP / Windows Vista / Windows 7
AMD Athlon 64 X2 / Core 2 Duo 2.4 GHz
RAM 1 GB (2 GB Windows Vista / Windows 7)
Video ATI Radeon X1800 NVIDIA GeForce 7800
Hard disk space: 7 GB
Key tags: Hockey
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