Kango Shicyauzo II

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Kango Shicyauzo II
Year: 2006
Genre: Erotic / Adult / Hantei
Developer: Peach Princess
Publisher: Triada
Language: English / Russian

The protagonist of the game priest, but that does not prevent him to be a playboy. He seduced the daughter of the Italian Mafia, and then he runs back home to live. At home he was offered a rector in one convent. Now his sexy nuns surrounded everywhere with beautiful forms. The hero can not withstand such pressure, it starts to take away from the true path of their sexual nuns. At the time, he just needs to forget about celibacy.
Kango Shicyauzo II Kango Shicyauzo II Kango Shicyauzo II Kango Shicyauzo II
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