Russian Fishing 2.4

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Russian Fishing 2.4
Title: Russian Fishing
Year: 2009
Genre: Simulation of Fishing
Developer: Installsoft
Publisher: Installsoft
Publication Type: License
Language: Russian

"Russian Fishing" It's the best simulator of fishing in which I played, this game deserved a hundred thousand fans as among the common players and professionals. In this version of the game added a large number of updates that has given new opportunities in a game of this game became more interesting.

This version added an entirely new tournaments, treasure, elixirs of experience, has also been raised that can withstand the weight of the gear, etc. The game also has the usual fish and trophy. Because of this, you will get more pleasure. I advise everyone who wants to catch fish sitting at the computer.

Features of this news:
In the archive there is a supplement to the game:
- InstallPack 2
- InstallPack 3.1
- InstallPack 4
- InstallPack 5.1

For more information about each addition:

InstallPack 2 - one of the first and is already in the game.

InstallPack 3.1
A. Fixed bugs with licenses
Two. Added that a shortage of bait
Three. Added schedule
4. Cleaned bugs with tournaments in the game (on PC)
Five. Also added to the base Yangtze
6. Bugs were fixed on some bases: Akhtuba Village open spaces, western Mongolia, the Syr Darya, Tiorati, Yenisei, Klyazma, Mississippi, Moscow, Neva, Australia, Bulgaria
7. And the other little things have been fixed.
Eight. Fixed bugs in InstallPack 3

InstallPack 4
A. Again there were a few bugs fixed bases: Rural spaces, mysterious lake, western Mongolia
Two. Removed typos in the description
Three. Removed a bug related to the tournament by nozvaniem: The Golden Key
4. Added some graphics

InstallPack 5.1
A. Harvested errors in some parameters of fish
Two. There was also making a new base Onega, there are many sigami and trout. A good place for players with a low level
Three. Removed typos in the descriptions of some fish
4. Open base Bulgaria (before it was closed)
Five. Improved the depth was a little in some reservoirs, and fish become more student's record.
6. Decorated with bugs on such bases as the Amazon, the Amu Darya, the lake Labyngkyr, Ladoga, Sword, Bulgaria, Dema, Elite, Kamchatka, Mississippi, Volkhov, the Nile, Lake, Volga, Taimyr, Pasha, Red Sea, Ukraine, Black Sea, Winter's Tale , Yakutia
7. Fix the situation with tournaments on such bases as Kamchatka, Ukraine
Eight. Fixed all the admitted shortcomings in InstallPack 5
9. Now, more than a hundred fish reduced the weight at which it is considered a student's record.
10. The design of many spinners
11. Also do not forget to bait and added new

This game is made so that it can play with the computer and the Internet with other people, on time installation, you can offer to send sms - is needed if you want to play online with other people and if you do not need it then just do not send sms. Playing on the PC is free (for the game on the internet will need to pay every month, more details can be found on the official game site)

System requirements:

Operating system: Windows XP / Windows Vista
Processor: 1.2 GHz
RAM: 256 MB
Free hard disk space: 600 MB
Video card: GeForce 4200, ATI 8xxx or higher, DirectX 9.0
Key tags: Fishing
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